Benefits of Silk

One of the reasons why our silk scrunchies are priced at a premium is due to the higher cost of silk fabrics. Here at Roselane, we try to ensure that you receive the highest quality silk fabrics. Therefore, all of our silk products are made from real silk, rather than a Satin-Silk blend (which is common for silk products in North America). 

Silk is made from silkworms, primarily found in Asia due to the warmer climates. All silk fabrics found in Canada are imported from Asia. Therefore, Roselane directly purchases small quantities of silk fabrics from local small vendors in Asia. We also try to purchase from local fabric stores in Edmonton if they have them available.

As mentioned, all of our Silk Scrunchies are made from real silk. 90% of silk in the world is Mulberry Silk, as such most of our silk are mulberry silk. However, the silk varies in texture due to the type of weaving. Please keep this in mind while making your order. We have noted with each product the type of silk used.

Benefits of Using Silk

There are so many benefits of using silk scrunchies for your hair! This includes:

  • Gentle on dry, damaged hair
  • Less breakage compared to regular hair ties
  • Does not leave creases in your hair
  • Reduces split ends due to less friction
  • Less moisture loss
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Completely natural product

Types of Silk Weaves:

We currently have 2 different types of silk weaves:

Crepe de Chine Silk - This is our most common silk fabric. Most of our silk scrunchies woven as crepe-de-chine silk. It is incredibly soft and is very high quality, allowing for a good option for daily use. 

Tafetta Silk - We currently only have a couple of scrunchies that uses Tafetta Silk. Tafetta Silk is weaved in a way that allows for a crisper and stiffer texture. It is able to hold its shape more, and is more heavy duty than the Charmeuse silk. 

Care Instructions

Silk is relatively low maintenance. If you are feeling that your silk scrunchie is starting to get dirty, simply wash it in cool water with some soap. Then you can let it air dry.