Midi Scrunchie Set - Clueless

Midi Scrunchie Set - Clueless

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The Midi Scrunchie Set comes with 3:

  • 1 Theodora Regular Scrunchie
  • 1 Oakleigh Regular Scrunchie
  • 1 Elle Regular Scrunchie

Luxury, high quality regular scrunchies. They're made with a thick durable elastic band that won't stretch with use. Double stitched to ensure they won't rip over time. These scrunchies are made with love and care in Edmonton, Alberta.

Our scrunchies are available in 3 sizes: Maxi, Midi and Mini. The difference in sizes relates to how fluffy the scrunchy is, it is not the size of the elastic. Depending on how much of a statement you would like your scrunchie, you can choose a size that would best suit your style! 


All scrunchies in one order will be packaged together in a single reusable organza bag. If you'd like scrunchies separated into separate organza bags, please leave a note at checkout. 
Once received, the scrunchie may be flat due to packaging and shipping. Simply fluff it back up by pulling on the edges of the scrunchie.