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Silk Pillowcase - Midnight

Silk Pillowcase - Midnight

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Material: 20 Momme Mulberry Silk

Luxury, high quality silk pillowcases. They're made with a hidden zipper to prevent your pillow from slipping out. Detailing on one side of the pillowcase for added luxury. Double stitched to ensure they won't rip over time. These silk pillowcases are made with love and care in Edmonton, Alberta.

**Please note that our pillowcases are packaged with little to no waste. If you would like it packaged in a box for gifting purposes, please leave a note at checkout.**

Dermatologists, hair dressers and beauty experts recommend sleeping on silk. The benefits of using silk pillowcases:
- Gentle on dry, damaged hair
- Good for sensitive skin - prevents breakouts
- Reduces split ends due to less friction
- Less moisture loss
- Hypoallergenic
- Completely natural

Our pillowcases are available in 3 sizes: Twin, Queen and King:
- Twin: 25" x 20"
- Queen: 30" x 20"
- King: 36" x 20"

Care Instructions:
- pH neutral liquid detergent
Machine wash on delicate or handwash in cool water and let air dry 
- Optional - steam to take out any wrinkles

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  • It's Gentle On Hair

    If you have damaged hair, breakage, split ends, then consider using silk products to protect and hold moisture. Unlike cotton and other fabrics, it is a more gentle alternative.

  • It Looks & Holds Better

    Despite what you may think, our scrunchies hold really well even with the soft texture. Once it's in your hair, it won't slip!

  • Hypoallergenic

    Silk is coated with a protein called sericin which repels mod, fungus and bacteria making it naturally hypoallergenic, and easy to take care of.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Use Real Silk?

One of the reasons why our silk scrunchies are priced at a premium is due to the higher cost of silk fabrics. Here at Roselane, we try to ensure that you receive the highest quality silk fabrics. Therefore, all of our silk products are made from real silk, rather than a Satin-Silk blend (which is common for silk products in North America). 

As mentioned, all of our Silk Scrunchies are made from real silk. 90% of silk in the world is Mulberry Silk, as such most of our silk are mulberry silk. However, the silk varies in texture due to the type of weaving. Please keep this in mind while making your order. We have noted with each product the type of silk used.

How Do I Take Care Of My Silk?

Silk is relatively low maintenance. If you are feeling that your silk scrunchie is starting to get dirty, simply wash it in cool water with some soap. Then you can let it air dry. 

What Does Maxi, Midi and Mini Mean?

Our silk scrunchies come in 3 sizes: Maxi, Midi and Mini. The sizes do not vary in width or elastic band size, but rather how much fabric is used for each scrunchie.